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TÄHTIVAELTAJA finds the latest and hottest trends from the world before anyone else in Finland. Interviews and feature articles are made by Finnish top specialists in their field. Writers are also presented with translated short stories.

TÄHTIVAELTAJA has introduced Iain Banks, Dan Simmons, Ian McDonald, Neal Stephenson, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, Ken MacLeod, Stephen Baxter, Lucius Shephard and many others to the Finnish SF audience. 

TÄHTIVAELTAJA reviews all new Finnish SF books, comics, movies and tv-series. The magazine also tells the latest news from USA and UK in Kimmon Kutzpah. 

One issue each year is dedicated to the meanest and most radical horror. David. J Schow, Joe R. Lansdale and Poppy Z. Brite have all been introduced to Finnish horror fans in thorough articles, interviews and short stories. .

THE MOVIE AND VIDEO SPECIAL once a year tells you everything you can possibly want to know about the latest movies and about Godzilla, Lucio Fulci, Russ Meyer, Hongkong, Japanese animation etc. Don't forget the Helsinki Film Festival - Love And Anarchy.Movies, tv series and new video releases are reviewed in every issue. The COLD TURKEY columns reveals everything about those dubious looking videos you don't dare to rent.

Once a year TÄHTIVAELTAJA comics special unravels the mysteries in the world of comics. The best in Finland and the best in the World are presented and reviewed from Manga to DC & Dark Horse and from Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison to Katsuhiro Otomo.

TÄHTIVAELTAJA publishes comics by the best Finnish artists like Petri Hiltunen, Anssi Rauhala and Pekka Manninen.

TÄHTIVAELTAJA is published by Helsinki Science Fiction Ass.

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